January 25, 2010

Rule 5: The Proper Handlng of Fortune Cookies

I recently ate at Chin's, and received a rather disappointing fortune cookie.* It read, "you will use a confidential tip to earn financial success" or something lame like that.

*Still, not as bad as my worst fortune ever. I was with my family and got the fortune "Don't worry, looks aren't everything." Jody still laughs when remembering that day.

Anyway, having this fortune cookie reminded me that there is a very specific protocol regarding fortune cookies - a rule, if you will.
Rule 5: The Proper Handling of Fortune Cookies

When receiving fortune cookies at the end of a meal, a table must briefly examine them and then choose the correct cookie. There is not any correct way to choose your cookie, but look for smoothness in the texture of the cookie and a consistent color.

Once you have chosen a cookie, break it in half.


The cookie must be eaten completely before the fortune is read. Reading the paper prematurely results in misleading, inaccurate fortunes. Once the cookie has been eaten, read any token Chinese translations or lucky numbers on the back side. Only then, after everything else has been completed, can the fortune be read.

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