January 20, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas, part I

Call me Andy Bernard, because one of the Christmas gifts I gave to Calli this year was a complete* clay set of the gifts of the twelve days of Christmas.

*Sort of. There ended up being two extra french hens, and one goose a-laying is missing in action. The goose is presumed to be dead at the paws of Dinah.

Because the gift ended up being a large undertaking, I'm going to break this up into a 3 part series of posts.
Before I begin recapping the individual gifts, let's try and settle a debate. In the twelve days of Christmas, does one give a partridge in a pear tree once, or 12 times? I say there are 12 partridges, making the total gifts break down like this:

1 partridge in a pear tree x 12 days = 12 gifts
2 turtledoves x 11 days = 22 turtledoves
3 french hens x 10 days = 30 hens
4 calling birds x 9 days = 36 calling birds
5 golden rings x 8 days = 40 rings
6 geese a-laying x 7 days = 42 geese
7 swans a-swimming x 6 days = 42 swans
8 maids a-milking x 5 days = 40 maids
9 ladies dancing x 4 days = 36 ladies
10 lords a-leaping x 3 days = 3o lords
11 pipers piping x 2 days = 22 pipers
12 drummers drumming x 1 day = 12 drummers

Calli says the gifts are given just once.

She's wrong.

Tonight: Days 1-4

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Basically, I combined a generic tree shape with a small little dab of gray clay to signify the presence of a partridge. You can see one in the top left corner of the photo above, sitting amid nests full of calling birds and a bunch of canoodling turtledoves.

Two Turtledoves

These cute little guys are turtledoves - you can tell because they have beaks!

Three French Hens

Although they aren't wearing berets or talking about baguettes, these hens are most definitely French.

Four Calling Birds

Wikipedia told me that there is some dispute as to whether the fourth day of Christmas highlights calling birds or colly birds, but honestly? They're 1 inch clay figurines. Even if I knew the difference, you probably wouldn't be able to tell. I'm not exactly sculpting at Michelangelo's talent level here.

Stay tuned for days 5-8...

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