January 1, 2010

Jeff Ingebritsen: Lounge Pianist

DSC01916 by you.

To close out 2009, I traveled down to Freeport, Illinois to play piano at Cannova's. It's a nice Italian restaurant with a piano in the center of the dining area. I played from 5:45 to 8:45, mainly doing the usual jazz standards but mixing in some Beatles, Billy Joel, and Once music.
Going into the night, I was fairly nervous. I haven't actually done any restaurant-background-ambience type playing before, and the owner of the restaurant is a very talented musician in his own right. However, the night went "wonderfully."*

To see some photos from the evening, go here. If you want to taste some killer lasagna, go to Cannova’s. It was amazing, and I only got Calli’s leftovers. Even so, I had no complaints.

*sources may be less than objective, given that they are my:

On a side note, I may have resolved to have something new on this blog each day of 2010. It’s 10:06 P.M. on January 1st, and here’s the first post of the year. I’m already pushing things - it does not look promising for my resolution...

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