January 8, 2010

A loss

Tuesday night saw a great loss in my life - a loss that has sent me reeling, although I did see it coming. It will be tough to recover from...at least until August. I'm pretty certain I'll get over my grief in August.

RIP right Moccasin

(note: I do not, nor have I ever, named my moccasins)

This right moccasin served me well for about a year and a half - the mortal wound along its right side had developed initially due to wear and tear. Tuesday night,
Lucy (see right, in a more peaceful mood)

was insatiable - only one thing would appease her crazy, animal appetite (Duh duh duh...)

And so, I became Lucy's favorite friend ever. All it took was the sacrifice of half of a pair of heavenly footwear that had done nothing wrong.

I think you can read Lucy's eyes in one of two ways here.

1. I'm sorry for devouring your moccasin, Jeff. Please forgive me.

2. So...where's the left one??


  1. Gaffney will not comment on you being another dog's favorite friend ever.

  2. Tell Gaffney that while I was momentarily another dog's favorite human, no canine will ever steal his spot in my heart.