January 16, 2010

Saturday Recap

Saturday was not very successful in terms of wins and losses.

My broomball team went 0-2, being shut out in both games. To add injury to insult, I was checked not into the "boards" but over them by Dan Holmes, and Calli took a soccer ball to her left eye. Everybody involved will be sore tomorrow for sure.

Joe, Kelly, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Monona to watch the Badgers game. They lost by 9 to the Ohio State University...oh how I hate that. If I have children, I think that I will be adamant about them not attending these schools:

Ohio State
Michigan State (or wherever Coach Izzo is blessing fans with his presence)

(That list is not final by any means.)

So the Badgers lost, the Dirty Girl Scouts lost (that was the broomball team name), and the guy sitting next to us lost the BW3 Blazing challenge...

At least the Cubs didn't lose.

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