January 12, 2010

Worse than the Fighting Meercats

The Fighting Meercats, of course, were the not-so-great (and short-lived) intramural slow-pitch softball team I organized in spring 2006. We lost the opening game of the tournament, largely due to my complete failure to throw strikes.

Despite the demoralizing loss, there are three good things to take from the experience.

1. Fighting Meercats - as a team name, this can not be beat. It was chosen because nobody else on the team suggested anything, and I was forced to write something on the sign-up sheet. I will continue to use the name...Fantasy Football 2010 watch out!

2. We lost, true, but that didn't stop me from shaking up cheap bottles of champagne and popping them afterwards. Always a positive.

3. It appears that we aren't the worst baseball/softball team ever assembled - Wezen-ball looks at Charlie Brown's baseball team and finds decades of heartbreak. (h/t to circling the bases)

I imagine his field goal percentage isn't very good either...

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