February 28, 2010

Introducing the 2010 Ivy Lovers

c - Geovany Soto
My thought on drafting Soto is that he's got to have a better year than he did last year. If he doesn't, then the Cubs' season probably isn't going to be much fun either.

1b - Lance Berkman

I drafted Berkman in the 8th round, with the 95th pick in the draft. I was waiting on a first baseman, and I'm content getting him around that point in the draft. If he's still afraid of a little lightning, then I'll play Chris Davis instead.

2b - Dan Uggla

Our league uses OBP instead of batting average, so that eases the pain of drafting Uggla. 6th round second baseman who hits a ton of home runs? Deal.

3b - Ryan Zimmerman

Yeah, he's a National. So what? He'll thrive moving to the high-pressure Ivy Lover's clubhouse.

ss - Hanley Ramirez

Second overall pick. The guy in front of me took Pujols and everything that comes with him - the annoyingness, the Cardinal-ness, the balky back...I'll enjoy Hanley, thankyouverymuch.

of - Grady Sizemore
of - Jay Bruce
of - J.D. Drew

I like outfielders who can do a little of everything. Sizemore and Bruce fit the bill, although Drew doesn't run much. At all, really.

util - Brad Hawpe
Brad Hawpe doesn't run much, or play defense at all. Only one of things matters for the Ivy Lovers!

bench - Martin Prado
bench - Chris Davis

Another reason Soto needs to have a good year is that the Ivy Lovers aren't carrying a backup catcher. Fantasy Soto never rests!

sp - Cliff Lee
sp - Adam Wainwright
sp - Jon Lester
sp - Clay Buchholz

Strong starting 4, although I won't shed any tears if Wainwright crashes and burns. I'm willing to throw the Ivy Lovers under a bus if it means the Cardinals have a bad season too.

rp - Francisco Cordero
rp - Michael Wuertz

Saves? I probably shouldn't have bothered drafting Cordero and gone with a different starter, but whatever. These things work out.

p - Aaron Harang
p - Joba Chamberlain

Harang is a vampire and always pitches well against the Cubs. Why is he on the Ivy Lovers? Beats me. I thought Chamberlain would beat out Hughes for the Yankee's 5th starter job, but who knows. He might end up starting this year. Crazy things happen to pitchers.

bench - Joel Pineiro
bench - Chris Young
bench - Barry Zito

The back end of this pitching staff sure looks a lot better than the Cubs, right? Carlos Silva is disappointment embodied, if disappointment was 40 lbs. overweight. ZING!

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