February 8, 2010

1001 Foods Project

Earlier this week, I alluded to a project in the works. For my birthday, I received this book as a gift.

1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die

1001 foods that I must taste before my time is up. You can't tell from the cover image, but the book is about 4 inches thick, totaling 960 pages.

Over the next ? years, I will work my way through this book - sampling each ingredient at least once, even if I've already tasted it. I haven't looked at the entire book, but I have read through the "fruits" section. So far, 6 continents have been pretty well-represented. This project might be lengthy and costly.


The first entry is Elderberry flower, which I think might get eaten in the form of a jam. I was originally planning to do the book in order. That plan got thrown out when it became apparent that I would quickly become sick of berries for. ev. er.

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