February 10, 2010

Photos from an Imaginary Basketball Game

So. There's a big blank spot in my memory of last night from around 6 to 8. I just...don't have any recollection of what I did then. There's a vague (okay, pretty specific) feeling of disappointment and indigestion, but...who knows why?

It's not like the Badgers lost to an unranked Big Ten foe - AT HOME - that ended up pushing them from what would have been a tie for first place to fifth. No...that would be absurd!

If that HAD happened, and I HAD been there...these are the photos I would have taken (before the game slowly, inexorably went downhill and I stopped using the camera).

The seats weren't as close as I had thought, but whatever. It's Badger Basketball, who cares?

Wrong. While the seats were fine, all of the people around us were either old, Illinois fans, or OLD ILLINOIS FANS. Ugh.

This is a Badger huddle while they were up by 10 or so in the first half. Remember that? They were winning by double digits at points in this made-up game.

Goodness. Bruce Weber found a lot of things of to whine about last night. He spent more time on the court than Jared Berggren or J.P.Gavinski...maybe they could have stopped Mike Tisdale from going 8/11 from the field.

Dear Jon,
I don't know if your presence on the court last night would have meant a win. I just know that February, March, and early April have a chance to be far more enjoyable if your left wrist there heals. Quickly.

Get on that.


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