February 24, 2010

More Olympic stuff

Curling is experiencing its quadrennial popularity boost. Much like the last Olympics, I find myself befuddled when I watch the surprisingly attractive curlers playing a glorified drinking game on the ice. Thankfully, somebody in the world has combined a basic knowledge of the sport with the ability to make an informative graphic...giving us a visual primer for the mystery that is curling.

There. All cleared up, right? Right.

When does broomball become an Olympic sport? I would absolutely watch Olympic broomball.

Finally, Slate has been compiling and graphing a Sap-o-Meter to keep track of the overwhelming use of sappy drivel in NBC's Olympic Coverage. I've added the meter's widget to the blog so you can keep apprised of what your emotional state is supposed to be while you're watching the festivities.

1 comment:

  1. The Rochette sap bothered me initially. Then I saw her over-the-knee boots in her interview with Costas on Friday night. My sap tolerance for her increased dramatically.