May 31, 2009

In play, (runs)

Friday night I finally had another softball game. Last week there were no games because of Memorial Day, and I missed the week before that to judge the battle of the bands in Mount felt like a completely new season this week since it had been so long since my last game. We played at 6:30 at Olbrich Park, which is a nice place to play. The sun was pretty intense behind first base - but there weren't any mosquitoes, so no complaints here.
No complaints about the game, either. I led off again, and this time didn't do anything radically stupid on the basepaths! I started the game off with a single through the right side, but got stranded at first. Oh well. I played center field most of the game, but I think the other team hit maybe one ball to the outfield...nothing happened out there. Pretty boring.

My second at bat came in the third inning I think. Our team had a pretty successful second, so we were up something like 5-0. In the third, I was up fourth. I batted with one out and runners on first and third base...I took a pitch up in the zone and lined a solid shot into center field. Eric stopped at second, so I had to stop at first (probably for the best). The next batter grounded to third, where the other team got the forceout. I was standing at second with two outs as the batter hit a grounder to the third baseman. I am not exaggerating here - she beat me to the bag by ONE STEP...and I sort of hit the brakes about five feet from the bag so I didn't run into her and hurt somebody.

My last at bat was in the fifth with runners on first and second, one out. We were leading 10-2. I stepped into the pitch and pulled it down the right field line for a two-RBI triple (briefly entertaining thoughts of bolting for home before I decided otherwise). Unfortunately, the next two batters couldn't get me home, so I ended the day stranded at third.

Eat at Joe's (1-3)
3/3 1.000 1.000 1.667 2.667 0 0 3

6/8 .750 .750 1.000 1.750 2 0 3

One cool thing about this game was that the opposing team's manager was blind. Twice in the game he came up in the lineup, so they brought out a tee for him to use to hit. He had somebody run with him to first base, and somebody was ready to run for him should he reach safely. Both times he grounded into a forceout at second. It was a cool situation that I've never seen in a softball game before.

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