May 19, 2009

Rule 44: How to Toast the Perfect Marshmallow

Recently I have discovered that the proper method for roasting marshmallows is not universally agreed-upon. Here we will set it straight.

Rule 44: The Perfect Marshmallow

The Perfect Marshmallow is a vital component of any backyard barbecue or bonfire or camping trip. Holidays that are likely to include toasting marshmallows are Memorial Day, Flag Day(?), the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and any gorgeous summer weeknight. However, the enjoyment of these holidays can be marred by improperly toasting one's marshmallow. The Perfect Marshmallow is gently toasted until golden brown on all sides with a delightfully gooey interior. This might take patience, but the end result is well worth waiting for.

Under no circumstances is the marshmallow to be plunged into the fire, ignited, and left to burn to a black char.
In my experience, burning the marshmallow is a clear mark of a toaster who lacks the skill and artistry of proper marshmallow toasting. Despair not, friends! It can be learned - I will give marshmallow toasting lessons for the low fee of 1 half bag of marshmallows. Call for details.

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