May 24, 2009

Whiffleball Match 1

Thursday Joe came to town and we played a game of whiffleball - 6 innings -3 balls is a walk. 2 strikes and you're out. After we had established the distances for doubles, triples and home runs, we started. I was the visiting team, so I batted first. I've had a lead in a whiffleball game with Joe now!! I had a twelve "run" outburst in the top of the first, and actually didn't cough it up right away. The game did go downhill from there; I think I lost 28-19 or so. Some highlights/lowlights:

In the bottom of the first, Joe was batting left handed as 'Craig Counsell' (yes, we adopt the lineups of the Cubs and Brewers. No, we're not 13 years old.) and had a hilarious swing and miss. I must have thrown a pitch with a lot of movement into a left handed batter, because after Joe swung and missed the pitch it hit him square in the crotch. Solid comedic moment. Nasty pitch.

Sometime when I was pitching, Joe popped up a pitch behind me and to my right. This was during one of my rough pitching innings, so I really needed to catch the ball. Outs were not coming along too often. Anyway, I ran back (yes, as 'Ted Lilly') to catch it. I briefly had it in my hands but I was an idiot and dropped it. To make matters worse, I lost my balance and fell - right into some dog crap. I got up and thought to myself, "That's weird. My hand's all muddy, but the ground isn't that wet. Huh...oh. OH NO come ON!"
This is where the 'imagining we're cubs v. brewers' thing falls apart - they don't have dog poop at wrigley field (unless you count Neal Cotts! ZING!)

After the game we threw some more pitches back and forth, and let's just say that next game is mine. We found out that I have a little Mariano Rivera-esque cutter (minus, you know, the velocity. And effectiveness.) and a huge sweeping Randy Johnson slider (early vintage Randy - you know, with absolutely no idea where the pitch is ending up). Once I use these new pitches and hopefully learn to lay off the pitch 6 inches off the outside corner, I'll be unbeatable!

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