March 5, 2010


I'm currently baking a pizza right now with a garlic/oil sauce, mushrooms and onions, and a grated cheese/bleu cheese blend. Oh, and I forgot to mention the BACON? Oh yeah, there's definitely bacon.

The dilemma I encountered while creating this delicious circle of goodness was resisting eating the cooked bacon before it got to where it was supposed to go - the pizza. How does one not do that?
I did a really nice job of getting the bacon perfectly cooked. How was I supposed to completely ignore earth's finest food when it was sitting on the cutting board, taunting me? I'm proud that most of the three strips made it to the dough.

This pizza was wonderful - maybe the best I've ever made. The bleu cheese, bacon, onions and mushrooms combine for a terrific and beautiful dinner. I'll post some pictures the next time I connect my camera to the computer, I promise.

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