April 23, 2009

Weekend Gigs

This weekend, the band I play keyboard in is playing two gigs in La Crosse, WI. We're called Common Swift, and we're pretty pumped about the shows. The last sixish months have been spent writing, refining, and recording new music, and it'll be pretty fun to try them out on strangers. Friday night we're playing a basement show with a couple of other bands, and Saturday we're opening for a band called Milktoast at Nighthawk's Tap.

Not only am I looking forward to the weekend because it is undeniably awesome to play shows, but I get to hang out with Scott, Amanda, and Thom! I don't think I have ever had a bad time partying in La Crosse with those guys, and it's pretty much entirely my fault that my visits up there are not more frequent.

I promise to return to the interwebs with stories galore (or at least three) from the weekend of shows. It'd hardly be rock and roll without something to brag about - although it probably won't be a true rockstar weekend unless I don't remember something storyworthy as well. Huh. I'm sure that if there is something important to remember, someone will be able to recall it.

Listening to: Amos Lee - Better Days
Reading: Modern Gentleman, Chapter Two: Entertaining

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