July 9, 2010

Classic Badger Games

The Big Ten Network has several shows on Hulu.com, and I recently used that partnership to watch one of the Big Ten's Greatest Basketball Games.

March 5th, 2003: Illinois @ Wisconsin

The game was hard-fought, with the winner taking the Big Ten Regular Season Championship. I'm not going to recap it here - either read it at ESPN or watch the game.

However, I will share some things I couldn't help thinking while the game was on:

1. Holy cow, look how young Alando Tucker looks. Nice 'fro.

2. Actually, Wilkinson looks like a preteen too. Wow.

3. Dave Mader...what an oaf. I think UW's Big Lumbering White Guys All-Star team can compete with anybody else's. Mader, freshman-sophomore year Stiemsma, J.P. Gavinski, Jason Chappell - that's a solid group.

4. That game took place over 7 years ago, and I found myself still getting excited when Devin would hit a three, or Bo got his technical foul. Good times.

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