May 26, 2010

Wine Tour 2010

This monday is Memorial Day. Combined with a semi-mandatory furlough day on Friday, I have a four day weekend blessedly approaching.

During the first half of this extended weekend, I'll be taking a mini-vacation of Wisconsin wineries. The trip will be limited to southwest WI, because there's not really enough time to hit all of the vineyards in the state. However, I expect the six-stop tour to be perfectly enjoyable.

The vineyards are: Botham, Spurgeon, Weggy, Vernon, Burr Oak, and Wollersheim. Once we get back, I'm hoping to expand this map and include a bunch of photos/reviews of the delicious, delicious wine(s).


  1. Hi Jeff:
    Happy to see that you'll be stopping here. We look forward to welcoming you. Safe travels.
    Sarah Botham
    Botham Vineyards & Winery
    Barneveld, Wisconsin

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