August 3, 2009


Yesterday I was in Dodgeville for a family reunion. Most years (all of them in my memory, at least) we meet at Governor Dodge State Park for food, swimming, and the occasional water balloon fight. Last year, I drafted some of my younger cousins as a construction crew and built a sandcastle. This year, I had grand plans for scale models of the Taj Mahal, perhaps, or maybe Angkor Wat. I forgot images to help us during the work, we just made a generic castle. I won't say that I'm disappointed with how it turned out - it was fun, and my helpers range from probably 5 to 13...but let's say that I have big plans for next year, and I'll be much more prepared. You can find photographs of the castle and crew here, with a video clip of the inevitable destruction.

Next year I'm predicting:
Straight walls
Four tiers
Round towers
Non beach-detritus decoration
Complete amazement

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